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We have financial advisors from a range of industries, all ready to have a conversation with you.

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Jeff Locker headshot

Jeff Locker, CFS®, ChFC®, AIF®

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Financial Advisor

Thomas R Reed III headshot

Thomas R. Reed III


Wayne Klenke headshot

Wayne Klenke

Partner and Wealth Advisor

Steven L Stillman headshot

Steve L. Stillman

Financial Advisor

Lori Turner headshot

Lori Turner

Wealth Manager

Scott M Browne headshot

Scott M. Browne, ChFC®

Wealth Advisor

Chris Jacobs headshot

Chris Jacobs, WMCP

Associate Financial Advisor

Tim Chambliss

Financial Advisor

Patrick Wiegers headshot

Patrick Wiegers

Associate Financial Advisor

Kim Willbrand

Chief Financial Officer

Kelly Stonebarger headshot

Kelly Stonebarger, MBA, CFP®

Senior Vice President, Financial Planning Specialist

Steven Kenny headshot

Steven Kenny

Senior Manager, Internal Portfolio Manager

Lindsey Schroeter headshot

Lindsey Schroeter

Executive Assistant to Wayne Klenke

Maryjane M. Stillman

Executive Assistant to Steven L. Stillman

Meina Feilner headshot

Mina Feilner


Patti Alexander headshot

Patti Alexander

Corporate Communications/Front Desk Receptionist

Lauren Reed


Indigo Thompson

Financial Administrator

Nathan White headshot

Nathan White

Vice President, Licensed Healthcare Advisor

Tom Jacobs

Licensed Healthcare Advisor

Peggy Stelzer

Licensed Healthcare Advisor

Craig Abt

Licensed Healthcare Advisor

Bruce Highfield

Licensed Healthcare Advisor

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