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Whether it’s student loans, a new house, or a newborn, everyone has a “why.” Once we find yours, we develop the appropriate plan to help you reach your financial goals.

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Our Process

Our comprehensive financial planning process helps you organize and prioritize your goals; both short-term and long-term. It takes all aspects of life into account and helps increase the probability of success.


View our scenarios to understand our process in helping you reach your financial goals.

The scenarios listed are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes.
Older couple standing on a beach

Late 50s/Early 60s wanting to retire in the next couple of years

Terry and Tammy are empty nesters who are wanting to retire in the next couple of years. They each have 401(k)s at their current employers and Terry has a pension. In retirement, they would like to do some overseas traveling and purchase a beach house for them and their children to enjoy. They are concerned about medical expenses since they are retiring before they are eligible for Medicare, which pension benefit they should choose, and how their travel expense and vacation home will affect their portfolio long term.

Married couple holding child in their arms

Couple in early-mid 30s with kids

Matt and Mary are married and just had their 4th child. Matt and Mary have decided that it would be best for Matt to continue to work, and Mary to stay at home with their young children. Matt and Mary have old 401(k) accounts from previous employers that they are unsure what to do with. Matt is contributing the maximum amount to his new 401(k) but would like to look at other investment accounts to contribute too. Matt and Mary are also concerned about making sure they and their children are financially secure if something were to happen to one or both.

Young married couple looking at papers

Mid-late 20s and recently married

Jake and Jessica have been out of school for about 5 years and are recently married. They have student loans that they make monthly payments too. They also both work full time and are contributing to their companies’ 401(k) plan. Their parents helped them pay for some of their wedding, but they do have credit card debt that has built up. Jake and Jessica are needing guidance on their monthly budget and where to start saving money for their futures.

Grandparents sitting with grandchildren

Married couple in 5 years into retirement

Jim and Jane have been married for 40 years and have been retired for 5 years. They have 3 adult children and 3 young grandkids. Their main source of income is Social Security and Jane’s pension. They wish to pay for their grandkids college and plan a large family vacation. They are concerned that one of the grandchildren might not go to college but still want to put money away for his future. They are also concerned about pulling additional funds from their accounts to pay for a family vacation.

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